Bạn đã lựa chọn được giải pháp Nitro phù hợp chưa?

Bạn đã lựa chọn được giải pháp Nitro phù hợp chưa?


Nitro Pro 9

Nitro Pro 10

Nitro Pro for Enterprise


User-friendly Microsoft Office™ 2016 – style ribbon UI    
Smart Tips provide contextual help    
Add Tools feature enables customization of Home tab    
Product Tour for faster user onboarding    
Preview PDF files in Windows Explorer, Outlook and Web browsers
Tab-based file handling
Integrated Microsoft Office™ toolbar & shortcuts
View Optional Content Group (OCG) layers
Microsoft Windows look and feel
Microsoft Outlook™ plugin to create PDFs from email
Floating toolbar for easier access to editing and revision tools
Drag & drop to move or copy pages from one document into another  
Batch Processing: Print, secure, and convert hundreds of documents at a time  
Customized themes allows user choose between a selection of background themes  
Works on touch-enabled devices  


Create PDF from 300+ file types (with source application installed)
One-click drag-and-drop creation (desktop or application window)
Combine multiple file types into PDF
PDF form creation and editing
Batch create PDF files
Static XFA support
Dynamic XFA support
Visual Combine palette
Drag & drop combine  
PDF Portfolio creation  


Convert PDF to Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and image formats
Extract text and images
Convert PDF to PowerPoint
Convert PDF to Word (.doc & .docx file format)
Convert any PDF file to PDF/A 1 & 2 for long-term archiving  


Insert and edit text – font, size, color, etc.
Edit images and pages
Edit image properties – brightness, contrast, colors, etc.
Insert and edit Bates numbering/stamping
Insert and edit bookmarks and links
Optimize, shrink, and repair PDF files
Paragraph text editing – intelligent detection with Smart Alignment Tool
Copy & paste between applications by clipboard
Measurement tool (distance, area & perimeter)
Visual rotation of images and pages
Automatic text reflow/resize  


High-fidelity OCR for better accuracy in document layout and design    
Create searchable PDF from scanned image text
Create editable PDF from scanned image text
Scanned image detection
Simplified create from scanner profiles
Automatic deskew for scanned images to align content  


Highlight, cross-out, and underline text annotations
Create annotations using sticky note, text box, call-out, pencil & drawing shapes
Attach files as annotations
Sort, manage, filter and summarize comments
Apply Dynamic Stamp annotations – auto-populate author, date, time, etc.
Spell check
Compare PDF files
Advanced search – allows for more increased precision & contextual results  
Smart Guidelines for Object Tool aligns shapes to make sure content is arranged properly  
Customizable layout and printing options, including Booklet and Multiple Pages    

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